Wear the benefits of jade

Long-term wearing jade, absorb the body oil and gas effect, and jade itself will become connect fully, bright. Jade, jade rearing the people raised!!!!!

But jade can wear live, on the human body in long-term wearing 37 degrees constant temperature can change the inside of the molecular movement, jade jade become fully moist, so-called people keep jade, jade rearing the reason for this is.

The jade of flocculent JieJingWu) is not possible (eliminate, the inside of the molecular structure and could not change because of the human body, hisui is in long-term after wearing jade is close and the characteristics of oil, hisui in the body, the sebum the “moist”, became more luster.

DaiYuShi words, have the conditions, the choice of hetian jade, lam tin jade jade wang, these two kinds of aquatic products, and the human body is jade breath, body temperature will complement each other, Fraser induction.

“Wear live”, say a person to put on a piece of his very like jade pieces, aged tired from their body, on the jade can produce “aura”, can and master shard, because you have to wear this jade “live”. In some DaiYuRen body also do appear a similar unique phenomenon. Because a piece of jade wear longer, jade because for a long time at constant temperature, the body of the master of the jade green silk can by fine upsetting by short, longer, some jade impression will happen some subtle changes in the body, as if DaiYuRen really appeared article 2 “life”.

Jadeite jade expected if natural A cargo, its hardness (6.5 7), quality of A material is exquisite, processing and polishing performance is good, this is it popular with high economic value and the important reasons. We know, in the general environment of air, often dust flying things, and fall people worn by jade, these dust above is part of the larger clay sand hardness, when we consciously or unconsciously wipe away dust on the jade, jade article produced directly to the friction effect. If we wear is B or C goods, goods or jade jade, white marble, kind of cheap jade expected, the grinding the flowers, gradually lose luster, and surface fabric. Because be the jade natural A cargo jade expected, the more so the light friction is inevitable. If jade wares with green components originally not shown in jade performance, after wearing a period of time, because of friction and show green is possible.

The modern scientific research shows that: jade contain beneficial to human body elements, often wear and use jade (such as jade bracelet, necklace, ring, jade, jade pillow at etc), due to friction with the meridian effects, and the skin of blood meridian skin DuoZhong benefits, have a dredging effect, so will jade as a talisman, is very helpful.

China’s jade is divided into soft and hard jade jade two kinds. Hard commonly known as the “jade jade”, really good jade is the jade top grade. Soft and jade, jade through such as white jade, jade, jade and mo, etc. From the jade look, our country with soft with jade jade is given priority to, soft jade is our traditional jade. The jadeite jade as hard, how to play PanLong won’t change, and soft jade is a “aura”, by the influence of the body to master, is usually said “the jade wear live”. The jade, the play the more it have change, the value of it will be higher and higher, and this is by its physical properties of the decision.

Jade has been by people like.

China folk about jade can ward off evil spirits for security and peace is to point to: it can send out a kind of special jade sheen, the luster is not easy to see in the day, night can be light, the land of several feet square garden luster is the most afraid of ghosts, see, so emperors, often hold to stay healthy and majesty was, civilians, the people also like to wear jade for peace.

The modern scientific research shows that: jade contain beneficial to human body elements, often wear and use jade (such as jade bracelet, necklace, ring, jade, jade pillow at etc), due to friction with the meridian effects, and the skin of blood meridian skin DuoZhong benefits, have a dredging effect, so will jade as a talisman, is very helpful.

Jade is a rare treasure, jade contains the human body needs a selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium 30 DuoZhong beneficial to human body trace element, the element of the wave and start sending out of human cells start wave is the same, the human body cell with wave patterns from the jade to send out the wave resonates and resonance, make human body cell organization, and promote more energetic bad blood cycle, increase metabolism, and eliminate the waste into. Among them 40% of the magnesium elements formed is one of the major components of chlorophyll, magnesium elements also exist in the human body cell. Jade to make life drinking water and natural water into active water, to strengthen the body’s defenses.

Jade to the human body health fitness function for early humans were found. Our country famous traditional Chinese medicine the great shennong materia medica “, “tang of materia medica”, “the compendium of materia medica” in writing. The compendium of materia medica-the eighth volume “in the record, the jade has:” in addition to the stomach heat, asthma urgent vexed Men AIDS hair, nourish the five zang-organs, strong muscle, soft bone, thirst, embellish cardiopulmonary, help sound pipes, Ann soul, the veins, Ming refreshing “curative effect. According to the human body health care function of jade, using traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern scientific means classical theory, innovation development of the jade pillow, jade, jade, jade shoes handball necklaces, jade seat cushion, back of a chair and through the ISO9002 international system authentication of the key jade mattress, fill the world recognized is Shared, and benefit the human, has “the world meaning” inventions. Its health care mechanism is to:

Any kind of material can emission and absorption of the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave is equal, the human body can emission and absorption of the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave infrared in commonly 8-10 u m, wave in 9.4 u m place. Spectrum measurement analysis shows that the special xiuyan jade molecular structure makes it launch can be the human body absorb infrared electromagnetic wave (as shown). In 8-10 just wavelength muon m, within the scope of the wave in 9.9 u m place. This effect is often called resonance absorption, or called partial matching absorption. This call magnetic wave can produce excellent biological function, that is, to improve circulation, modulates the regeneration, enzyme activity improve, physical function recovery, strengthen cell phagocytosis function and antibody formation.

But wear false jade harmful to the body.

Concerned expert reminds people buy jade, must careful, choose not still can affect health.

National jewelry quality supervision and inspection center senior engineer WangChunSheng think, jade general divided into A, B, C three kinds of goods, A cargo is to point to the original ShiYuan color jade, is not by chemical processing of jade, the price is higher. B is goods by chemical bleaching filling the jade, resin and cheaper prices. C goods is poorer, jade warm to 110 degrees in the solution of chromate placed in two days, soaking chromate infiltration into jade expected to crack in dyeing effect at first sight, glittering and translucent get rid of 12 years later when, can fade, this jade cheap and fine, but no value to the collection. See more in the market now is B + C goods, with B and C goods synchronous with the goods and processed.

WangChunSheng said, A cargo is natural jade, its element relatively fixed, generally harmless to the human body; B goods in the resin external force, general also won’t have too big harm; B + C or C goods after dyeing the acid solution are likely will fade in on body skin damage, because some businessmen may use hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid and sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc to fake the antiquated jade strong acid odors, and then in false color of dynasty.i’m coated with floor paint, crystal paint or epoxy resin, etc.

Beijing chaoyang hospital director HaoFengTong think all-around-doctors occupational disease poisoning, resin kind material and acid together, will likely produce role irritating, after human body contact with contact dermatitis, appear red, tingling, itching and peeling and symptoms. The skin is sensitive to the person most likely to appear symptoms.

Two experts have suggested, for health and safety, had better put not by chemical processing natural jade.


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